The "Choux À La Crème"

The French "choux à la crème" are the delicious "cream puffs" or "profiteroles" that we all know and love. These small, round choux pastry desserts offer a wide range of exquisite tastes. They are a traditional part of French pastry, even though they were invented in 1540 by an Italian pastry chef, Popelini!

Today these tiny jewels are brought up to date by Alice Barday and are sold in two shops that are managed by Lauren Koumetz. The name of the shop is… Popelini of course!


Lauren Koumetz is a young and brilliant pastry chef, who graduated from the prestigious Ferrandi School and was trained by one of the masters of the art, Christophe Michalak. Every day, she creates a vast array of delicious creamy cakes – so much so, that if you arrive too late, the most popular flavours will be gone!


The dough is soft yet slightly crispy, never flabby or dry – a very common problem with cream-filled pastries. These are the perfect balance, both crunchy and mellow. And the good news is, they are small enough for you not to feel guilty – just fully enjoy a journey back in time, to the sweetest days of your childhood.


As for the taste, well, what do we say? "Ouhlala!" The Madagascar vanilla is simply the best you’ll ever find, the praline is exquisite, and the lemon flavour too. So visit one of these two shops and take your pick from the long line of sparkling creamy jewels exposed in the window for everyone to admire!


Google Map Locations

Popelini : 29 Rue Debelleyme, 75003 Paris.

Popelini : 44 Rue des Martyrs, 75009 Paris.

Then go back to one of our apartments to enjoy your "choux à la crème"!


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