The Caillebotte Estate. 

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If you like impressionism, you have probably already seen and loved Monet’s house is Giverny. It is now time to get off the beaten track and discover another famous house: the Caillebotte Estate.


Until July 20th 2014, the Caillebotte Estate, located in Yerres – a lovely village to the South of Paris – hosts a beautiful exhibition that puts together the artist’s most famous paintings, in the very place that inspired him. So even though some are indeed visible in a number of museums across the USA, we recommend that our American friends visit this beautiful estate and exhibition! The romanesque atmosphere is unmissable.

It is really easy to get to Yerres with the RER D (20 mins from "Gare de Lyon"). From the station, the 10 minutes’ walk is perfectly well indicated – just follow the nails on the sidewalk! They’ll take you directly to the museum along the Yerres River.

From the moment you set foot in the estate, the air is filled with an ancient scent, so characteristic of the luscious meadows of that 19th century France which inspired the Impressionists.


Gustave Caillebotte was the son of a notable. His situation was quite different from that of his fellow painters, in that he was rich and did not need to sell his paintings in order to earn a living – he just displayed them. He was in fact a patron for many a painter of his time, who became famous partly thanks to him. Monet kept a painting from Caillebotte his whole life! Unfortunately, the French government at that time did not have the same regard for him and refused the donation from the Caillebotte family; and his works of art ended up scattered all over the world, in particular across the United States.

In the Casin (the main house belonging to the family) you can watch a series of black and white movies and photographs that tell Gustave Caillebotte’s adventures and that of all the impressionists.

After that, before the actual exhibition, you absolutely need to take a stroll in the gorgeous park: time seems to have stopped 200 years ago, in a calm yet peculiar atmosphere. Will you manage to find this strange pine?


If you are there on a Sunday, you can also visit a proper ice house that will give you a sense of what life was like before the fridge was invented!

The vegetable garden is managed by volunteer gardeners. One could honestly say it is just as beautiful as the one in Giverny – no world-famous gardener here, just a team of passionate people wearing an apron and straw boater, who will be more than happy to tell you their story and share their experience with you.

You can then continue your visit with a cruise on the famous small waterway in the shadow of the trees that inspired the famous rowing boat scenes.


From the top of a bucolic small bridge, try to catch a glimpse of the multicolored frogs that live there – you might even see a couple of Common Moorhens that will joyfully say hello!

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And now is the perfect time to visit the museum. First take a look at the henhouse – the rooster, who proudly represents France, will be there to welcome you. Then here comes the museum itself, modern and spacious, with comfortable seats and very well-organized. Caillebotte’s paintings, in many ways forewarning of the Art Moderne, offer a surprising mix of freedom and dolce vita, with very interesting perspectives.

Still have some time left? Bring your own picnic or try the delicious meals of the Chef Philippe Detourbe in the Chalet du parc, the gastronomic restaurant. Children will enjoy the park and the various attractions especially designed for them.


In short, if you like impressionism and want to feel like a 19th century Parisian for a day, you will love the Caillebotte Estate! Luxurious, calm and voluptuous – the perfect place to stay. The museum also organizes a yearly exhibition of pastels and photographs and is looking for patrons!

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