Have you ever been to Paris aboard a Twizy? 


Renault Twizy’s are perfectly quiet, automatic, electric cars that are equipped with an on-board GPS audio guide.

Twiztour Paris invites you to discover Paris aboard a fun and environmentally friendly, hyper-connected Twizy!

Twiztour blue

Are you ready to explore the city?

A “Twiztour Guided Tour with GPS and Cruise” route has been specially designed for you to go explore every corner of Paris and discover a selection of famous monuments along your way.

The course is interactive, with an audio-guided GPS:

Take the wheel of your Twizy and let yourself be guided by a GPS interactive audio-guide. Throughout your journey, listen to advice as to where to drive, funny anecdotes about the monuments, as well as the best shopping and culinary addresses!

Twiztour eiffel

The Cruise:

To complete your journey, Twiztour offers a pleasant cruise of one hour on the River Seine, with the opportunity of a unique and original experience, where you can admire the famous bridges, monuments and the beautiful facades of the city of light!

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