Have you thought about your insurance for your rental ?

Don't be caught out by an unexpected event !

Be My Flat strongly recommends Renter Insurance to all of its guests.

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Discover our cover for  cancellationinterruption of stay and personal damage liability to tenants taking short term lets for any property rented in countries of the European Union, Switzerland, Malta, Monaco, Andorra and Saint Barthélémy

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SHORT-TERM RENTALS (less than 27 nights)


LONG-TERM RENTALS (27 nights to 3 months)
LONG-TERM RENTALS (3 months to 1 year)

The insurance is mandatory  for long term rentals

Your obligations are the following ones:

Subscribe an insurance against tenant's risks (Water damage, fire...).
Assume loads and make the repairs of maintenance of the accommodation 

The contract which we propose you guarantees:

Your renting responsibilities
Your personal effects as well as your furniture
This contract follows directly the lease term (automatic termination at its expiration)