1. Scan a copy of your passport

This step could save you a lot of time and headaches in case you lose your passport – it happens to the best of us. Use Google drive or another cloud based storage so you can retrieve the images easily.

2. Learn the local language

Even if just few basic words like “Hello” “Thank you” (“Where are the toilets?”..!), learn to speak a little of the local language in order to make yourself understood.

3. Notify your bank you’ll be traveling

Certain banks freeze your account if they detect unusual activity from abroad.

4. Get a plug converter

Standards vary across countries, so make sure you have a universal plug converter in order to be able to recharge your electric devices.

5. Beware of pickpockets and thieves!
- Never keep your bag/purse/luggage unattended
- Never carry large amounts of cash
- Split up your money and checks (in different bags and pockets)
- Never write your name or address on your keys

6. Make a trip wish list

Start by writing down your priorities. This way you know you’ll get the most out of your trip! We’ve got your back for that: if you’re looking for inspiration, check out our Pinterest profile! We regularly pin ideas and tips on our destination-themed boards. We also have a Tumblr blog where we keep you updated with latest events and provide information about our favourite places to visit.




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